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AXV7607 High Voltage SMU


  • Extreme low noise with linear output stage
  • Output voltage from -1,500V up to 2,500V
  • Very fast rise and fall times
  • Output current in pulse mode max ±30mA
  • Output current in continuous mode maximum ±8mA
  • Integrated voltage measurement unit
  • Integrated current measurement unit
  • Integrated voltage monitor
  • Integrated current monitor

Product Information

The AXV7607 high voltage SMU is developed for fast semiconductor and cable testing. The AXV7607 can be used as a voltage or current source. To maximize the test throughput the AXV7607 provides a bipolar MOSFET power amplifier with a programmable slew rate of up to 1,000V/ms.

The AXV7607 provides five current ranges and is able to generate currents down to the nA range. In conjunction with the integrated Voltage Measurement Unit (VMU) all requirements of high voltage semiconductor testing can be met. The integrated guard amplifier can be used to drive the cable shielding and reduce the leakage current in the DUT cabling.

The integrated Current Measurement Unit (CMU) is extremely fast and is equipped with seven measurement ranges. This allows current measurement down to the pA range. With parallel trigger signals VMU and CMU can do synchronous measurements.

Monitoring of high output voltages with external equipment is a great safety problem. Therefore the AXV7607 is equipped with a fast voltage monitor, which provides a divided output voltage for save monitoring. Precise monitoring of very low currents down to pA with external equipment is usually very difficult and special equipment is needed. To simplify this task, the AXV7607 provides a fast current monitor.

In the integrated relay matrix all high voltage signals (FORCE, SENSE, GUARD) are connected via relays to the output. Additional relays and switchable resistors provide self test capabilities. All AXV7607 high voltage outputs (FORCE, SENSE, GUARD) and the monitor outputs are short circuit protected.