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  • PXI - PXIe - PCIe

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  • 19"

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  • Waveform Generator

  • High Power SMU

  • Source & Measurement

  • Source only

  • Measurement only

  • Other & Periphery


PXIe7800 / PCIe7800 / PCIe7801 External PCIe Cable Adapter


  • Control of ePCIe devices via PC, Laptop or PXIe
  • High speed PCI Express x1 interface
  • Extension length up to 7 meters
  • Compliant with PCI Express base specification, Rev. 1.0a
  • Compliant with PCI Local Bus specification, Rev. 3.0

Product Information

The external cable adapter family supplies a high speed PXI Express x1 interface. Due to the low latency and high data transfer rate it is pefectly suitable for multi-channel systems with high data volumes and high speed test environments.