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High current & high voltage sourcing and measurement

Graphic High PowerWhat is "High-Power Testing"?

Semiconductors are currently growing extremely in their package size and electrical spezifications. Applications like hybrid vehicles, electric motors and solar power reqire semiconductors with higer voltage and current values. As every part these high-power components have to be tested. Due to this VX Instruments delivers a few devices which are capable to source and measure up to 1,600A or 3,000Vpp.

Areas of application

High volume production testing, quality control and engineering testing for components in:

  • Automotive (hybrid vehicles, battery management, ...)
  • Motor control units (electric motors, IGBTs, MOSFETs)
  • Renewable energies (solar power, wind power, …)
  • Power plants in common and much more.

Wide range of components to test

  • Bipolar transistors
  • IGBTs
  • Diodes
  • Zener diodes
  • Voltage regulators and much more.

Devices from VX Instruments

 Device  Specification
 AXV7607 High Voltage SMU  <3,000V at <30mA; DC; linear output stage
 AXC7585 1600A High Current SMU  <1,600A at <50V; 300µs up to 1ms
 AXS844x Source- and Measurement Unit  <±100A at <400V; 250μs up to DC; <1kW continuous / 30kW pulse
 A5710 AC Current Source  <1,600Aeff at <2V; AC 45Hz/65Hz