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PXCe4001 PXIe Small Single Device Chassis

Other Product Versions

   PXCe4006 6-slot PXI Express Chassis
   PXCe4012 12-slot PXI Express Chassis


  • Easy use of one PXIe device in a very small PXI Express chassis
  • Integrated external PCIe interface
  • Supports 1 or 2 slot PXIe devices
  • Supports different power supplies (switched / linear)
  • Slim design
  • Useable as 19”-rack or table-top
  • Perfect for laboratory or production-test systems with a single PXIe device

Product Information

The PXCe4001 is designed for the easy use of one PXIe device (1 or 2 slot). For laboratory applications the power supply via optional banana jacks is possible. This allows noise reduction due to an analog power supply and improves small signal measurements.

Furthermore, the unit is perfect for test systems, where only one single PXIe device is needed. The PXCe4001 PXIe Small Single Device Chassis saves space for your other equipment.

You may use the PXIe7800 / PCIe7800 / PCIe7801 External PCIe Cable Adapter Family to connect the PXCe4001 PXIe Small Single Device Chassis to your computer.