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PXS840x PXI Source and Measurement Unit Family

Coming 2021


  • Up to 25W power output
  • Supports current source and sink
  • No external power source required
  • Readback function for output voltage and output current (measurement functions)
  • Six current ranges, two power ranges
  • Very fast rise and fall times
  • Four included configurable TTL digital I/Os
  • Four included open drain outputs up to 60V
  • Sense inputs for superior load regulation
  • Autosensing to reliably protect DUTs
  • Digitizing and Arbitrary Waveform Generator option for voltage and current

Product Information

High speed source and measurement unit
The PXS(e)840x is a high precision, high speed source and measurement unit, which is designed for automated high throughput testing.

Programmable rise and fall times
The fast low noise linear bipolar power stage provides a full four-quadrant source and sink capability at very fast rise and fall times, even at high capacitive loads. In addition the rise and fall times are programmable.

Two power ranges
With its optional second power range one PXS(e)840x device covers a wide range of different loads.

Autosensing protects devices under test
An autosensing feature is integrated as a security to protect devices under test.

Configurable digital inputs/outputs
The PXS(e)840x has four included free configurable digital TTL I/Os and four open drain outputs e. g. to drive relays or LEDs.

No external power supply required
The PXS(e)840x does not require an external DC source. The output power is drawn from the PXI backplane. All internal voltages are generated with extremely low noise DC/DC converters.

Waveform digitizing option
The integrated measurement unit provides digitizing features with sample rates up to 100kS/s and a sample depth of up to 8kS.

Arbitrary waveform generator option
The PXS(e)840x has an integrated waveform memory for up to 8k waveform datapoints with an output rate up to 50kS/s.