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VX8800R02 Hall-Sensor-Test-System

VX8800R02 Hall-Sensor Test SystemThe VX8800R02 Hall-Sensor Test System is able to test different types of Hall-Sensor and Switches such as:

  • Differential Hall-Effect Sensor for wheel speed and direction detection
    These Hall Effect sensors are designed to provide information about rotational speed, direction of rotation,
    assembly position and limit airgap to modern vehicle dynamics control systems and ABS.
  • Dynamic Differential Hall-Effect Sensor
    The differential Hall-Effect Sensor is particularly suitable for rotational speed detection and timing
    applications of ferromagnetic toothed wheels such as anti-lock braking systems,
    transmissions, crankshafts, etc.
  • Uni and Bipolar Hall-Effect Switches and Latches
    These devices have been designed for automotive and industrial applications.
    Applications are position/proximity indicators, brushless DC motor control, rotation indexing etc.

The system is characterized for high throughput, high reliability and high precision tests. Four Hall-Sensor
devices will be tested concurrently. The system supports magnetic filed stimulation for electromagnetic and
Helmholtz coils. The eight channel power amplifier generates current of up to 3A per channel (~150mT),
bandwidth is 50KHz.

Configuration of Hall-Sensor-Test-System

  • 1 x VXI Bus mainframe, Racal 1261B (13 slots)
  • 1 x Slot-0 Resource Controller, National-Instrument VXI-MXI-2
  • 6 x Source and Measurement Unit, VX Instrument VX2702
  • 2 x Time Measurement Unit, VX Instrument VX2210
  • 1 x Signal Generator (Sine/Cosine Generator), VX Instrument VX2701
  • 1 x Digital I/O, VX Instruments VX2410
  • 1 x 8 channel Power Amplifier (3A per channel), VX Instrument VX8604
  • 1 x Power Supply (±40V), VX Instrument VX8605
  • 1 x Power Supply (±15V,+12V,+5V), VX Instrument VX8606
  • Switch Unit, VX instrument VX8500
    - 1 x Relay Matrix Controller, VX Instrument VX8500-1
    - 6 x Instrument Matrix, VX Instrument VX8500-4
    - 1 x Power Matrix, VX Instrument VX8500-2
    - 1 x High Current Matrix, VX Instrument VX8500-3
    - 1 x High Frequency Matrix, VX Instrument VX8500-5
  • Tester Interface, Virginia Panel Corporation GEMINI 10 Receiver
    - 2 x Quadra-Paddel Connector Block, 196 pin
    - 1 x High-Frequency connector block, 4 x coaxial connectors 50Ohm

Block diagram of the Test-System

Block diagram of the Test-System