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PXIe3004 USB 3.0 Card


  • PXI Express peripheral slot card
  • Texas Instruments PCI Express to quad-port USB 3.0 controller TUSB7340
  • PCI Express x1 Gen2 interface for optimum performance
  • USB 3.0 xHCI (eXtensible host controller interface) SuperSpeed supported
  • USB 2.0 High-Speed, Full-Speed, Low-Speed supported
  • 4x front panel Type A USB 3.0 host connectors

Product Information

The PXIe3004 is a peripheral slot board for PXI Express systems, equipped with a quad port USB 3.0 compliant host controller. All four USB connectors are available from the front panel for attachment of external USB devices.

For optimum performance the board requires a 5 Gbps PCI Express Gen2 connection. The front panel USB 3.0 host connectors can deliver up to 1.5A VBUS (+5V) each. A maximum total current of 3A for one PXIe3004 is possible.

When connected to USB 2.0 compliant devices, only the classic four contacts (data pair, +5V VBUS and GND) are in use. USB 3.0 devices in addition communicate via the SuperSpeed differential transmit and receive signal pairs, available across another five contact pins.

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