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VX2026 Arbitrary Waveform Generator


  • High performance 40MS/s, 14Bit, 2 channel Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • Output voltages up to ±20V (40VPP)
  • Output channels operating independently
  • Fully isolated, floating outputs
  • Wide range of sample rates due to programmable internal PLL
  • High bandwidth
  • Additional marker output
  • Designed for high throughput testing
  • Digital calibration

Product information

The VX2026 is a high speed (40MS/s), 14Bit, Arbitrary Waveform Generator for high performance testing. Built-in functions for pre-defined waveforms (sine, square, triangle, sawtooth) are available via software driver. Arbitrary waveforms will be loaded via data files into the on-board memory.

The VX2026, C-size single slot VXI module, is designed for high throughput testing. Each channel has its own Clock-PLL, memory and state machine for START, STOP, TRIGGER, SAMPLING and SEQUENCING. This guarantees the two channels to function complete independently. Both channels have 512KS (1MB) of memory each and can be upgraded to 2MS (4MB) or 4MS(8MB).

The maximum voltage for each signal output is ±20V (40VPP) into high impedance load. This allows high voltage waveform stimulation without signal conditioning. Each channel is fully isolated to PE, the outputs are floating.