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VX2110 Digital Multimeter


  • High precision measurements, 24Bit
  • Tracking technology, high accurate AC Measurements even at low frequencies
  • Fully isolated, floating inputs
  • High common mode rejection
  • DC input voltages up to 300VDC
  • AC input voltages up to 300VACPeak
  • 2 or 4-wire resistance measurements up to 10MΩ
  • Firmware update via VXI-Bus
  • Digital calibration

Product information

The VX2110 is a high precision Digital Multimeter (DMM) for high performance measurements with 24Bit resolution.
It provides measurements DCV up to 300VDC, ACV up to 300VACPeak and resistance (2 or 4-wire) up to 10MΩ.
The internal microprocessor is equipped with flash memory for an fast and easy software update via the VXI-Bus. This will simplify new measurement functions to be downloaded.
The VX2110 does support both True-RMS and Average-Peak AC-Measurements.
For high precision AC measurements the VX2110 uses the 'tracking technology'. This feature allows high accurate AC measurements even at very low signal frequencies.