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VX2700 DC Source and Measurement Unit


  • Includes high performance DC measurement and stimulation in one VXI module
  • DC U/I-Generator, 14Bit, ±40VDC/±40mADC
  • DC Voltage Measurement, 16Bit, up to ±80VDC
  • DC Current Measurement, 16Bit, from nA up to ±100mADC
  • Design for high speed measurements
  • Fully isolated and floating inputs and outputs
  • Integrated relay matrix
  • Digital calibration

Product information

The VX2700 is a high precision, high speed DC-Source and DC-Measurement Unit (SMU). The SMU includes one U/I-Generator (DCVS/DCCS), one DC-Voltage-Measurement Unit (VMU) and one DC-Current-Measurement Unit (CMU). All units are operating completely independent. The VX2700 inputs and output are floating. All internal voltage supplies are designed with special DC/DC converters which guaranties extremely low noise output voltages and current as well as voltage and current measurements. The DCVS does support the auto sensing feature. The VX2700, C-size single slot VXI module, is designed for high throughput testing.