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VX4620 Dual High Speed Power Supply


  • Dual high speed power supply with a low noise linear 200Vpp /1A output stage
  • Programmable bipolar voltage and positive/negative current limits
  • Autosensing
  • Stable control loop even on long load lines
  • Programmable slew rate
  • Programmable over GPIB, USB or RS232
  • Specially designed for automatic test equipment and high troughput testing
  • Fast rise and fall times due to integrated sink capability

Product Information

Fully isolated outputs to avoid ground loops
Each VX4620 device has two outputs which are galvanically isolated. The regulation loops for programmable output voltage, positive output current and negative output current are independent. This fact allows different positive and negative current limits.

Autosensing protects devices under test
An autosensing feature is integrated as a built-in security to protect Devices Under Test.

Sense output terminals can be left open; sensing on force output terminals is guaranteed automatically.

Remote sensing
Up to 3V can be dropped in each load lead. The drop in the load leads subtracts from the voltage available for the load.

Four-quadrant source and sink
The programmable output voltage can be programmed up to ±100V at an output current of up to 1A. The maximum power dissipation of 80W per channel may not be exceeded. The VX4620 supports current source and sink. This fact allows very fast fall times even with high capacity of the Devices Under Test.

Stable control loop
The integrated control loop is able to handle inductive loads. This results in a stable output control even with long lines from source to load.

Output programming response time
The fastest rise and fall time (1% … 99% and 99% … 1%) of the output voltage is less than 1 ms. The output voltage change settles within 0.1% of the full scale in less than 5ms.