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DTS8710 UIS Controller


  • Programmable pulse energy supply
  • Peak current up to 400A
  • Maximum output energy 4,000mJ
  • Trigger output with programmable delay
  • Gate control signals for up to 8 DUTs
  • Integrated 2 x 8 matrix allows flexible DUT connection
  • Internal programmable power supply
  • Programmable voltage limitation up to 160V
  • Integrated current monitor
  • Controller for flex inductive load AXL8702

Product Information

The DTS8710 in combination with AXL8702 allows to supply a precisely programmable energy which will be discharged by the DUT during the avalanche effect. A programmable supply voltage allows the control of the current slew rate during the charging phase.

  • The paths for the DUT current are designed for a peak current of 400A and 78A effective.
  • The overvoltage across the inductor is limited to approximately 100/120/140/160V.
  • The DTS8710 generates a userprogrammable hardware trigger signal.
  • This trigger signal reflects the duration of driving the gate of the DUT. It can be timeshifted by a delay in the range from 0 to 20ms with a resolution of 50ns.
  • The internal IGBT can operate either in the mode "GATED", or in the mode "CONT":
    1) In the mode "GATED" the IGBT is driven simultaneously to the gate of the DUT.
    2) In "CONT", the IGBT is switched on until timeout expires.
  • The timeout is programmable within 0 to 100ms (default: 30ms) with a resolution of 50ns.

What is Unclamped Inductive Switching?
“Whenever current through an inductance is quickly turned off, the magnetic field induces a counter electromagnetic force (EMF) that can build up surprisingly high potentials across the switch. Mechanical switches often have spark-suppression circuits to reduce these harmful effects that result when current is suddenly interrupted. However, when transistors are used as the switches, the full buildup of this induced potential may far exceed the rated breakdown (V(BR) DSS ) of the transistor.”
— Vishay AN601