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PXT(e)1741 Trigger Module


  • Easy linkage of various external modules to the PXI(e) trigger bus
  • High configurable trigger matrix
  • 12 independent configurable trigger lines
  • Inputs/Outputs compatible with 5V TTL standard
  • Software controlled triggering of any target device
  • Available with PXI or PXI Express interface

Product information

Easy linkage of various external modules
The PXT(e)1741 Trigger Module ist designed to build up a connection between trigger signals from any external trigger source (5V TTL Standard) and the PXI(e) trigger bus. Therefore the device is equipped with four SMA front connectors (T1 to T4).

Complex concatenation of various trigger sources
Each trigger output signal can be a combination of all available trigger sources except the trigger line itself.

Independent configurable trigger lines
The PXT(e)1741 Trigger Module provides 12 independent configurable trigger lines, where each of them can be used as trigger source or trigger output and two additional trigger sources (PXI(e) star trigger and software trigger).

Software controlled triggering
With the additional software trigger, each with the PXT(e)1741 Trigger Module linked device can be triggered at any time with a simple software command.