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VX7344 High Resolution Digitizer Family


  • 2 independent channels
  • Input voltages up to 500Vpp
  • 100MS/s with up to 16Bit resolution
  • Up to 100MHz bandwidth
  • Fully isolated design, floating inputs
  • High common mode rejection
  • Designed for high throughput testing
  • Additional external analog trigger option

Product information

The VX7344 is a fully isolated high-speed digitizer for high performance measurements with a sampling rate of 100MS and a resolution up to 16Bit. Each channel is fully isolated. This results in a very high common mode rejection ratio (CMRR) compared to differential inputs. It allows floating low level signals to be measured with a very high accuracy and a maximum of resolution. This design of the VX7344 guarantees highest quality measurements. The VX7344 is a C-size single slot VXI module, designed for high throughput testing.
The data acquisition may be triggered from the input itself or external inputs (optional) having programmable thresholds. Acquired data can be pre-trigger, post-trigger, or anywhere in between, with a programmable sample counter that controls the number of data points. An interrupt is issued when measurement is completed. The maximum voltage for each signal input is 60V (120Vpp). With the option IN250V the range can be extended to 250V (500Vpp). This allows high voltage signals to be measured without signal conditioning. The instrument calibration is done digital and fully automatic. The calibration data are stored in on-board EEPROM.