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VX8500 Switch Unit


  • 19", 14-slot mainframe including slot-0 matrix controller
  • Supports 13 slots for individual matrix card plug ins
  • Flexible signal routing from each instrument pin to any tester interface pin
  • 16 bit analog bus allows signal routing from any UUT/DUT to any instrument pin
  • Standard tester interface from Virginia Panel Corporation

Product Information

The VX8500 is a powerful switching unit. It allows powerful and flexible signal routing from any instrument pin to any UUT pin.

A standard digital I/O card interfaces the powerful matrix controller. This matrix controller plugs into the VX8500 back plane slot-0. The remaining 13 slots can be filled with any available matrix card.

The system resources are routed to the UUT/DUT through the matrix card either direct or via an 16Bit wide analog bus. The analog bus is daisy-chained from card to card to route any signal to or from any UUT/DUT pin.

TheVX8500 allows swapping between multiple applications without any change to the test system hardware (wiring). Additionally any modification to the tester configuration or the UUT can be done easily.

Available matrix cards are:
Instrument Matrix Card
Power Matrix
High Current Matrix
High Frequency Matrix

For more information or additonal matrix cards please contact us.