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PXI530x Bit-Pattern Receiver Family

Complementary Product

PXI530x Bit-Pattern Receiver Family
    PXI520x Bit-Pattern Generator Family


  • Based on VX Instruments FlexCPP for easy custom design
  • Up to 2 independent modules with 4 simultaneously working channels
  • Up to 6.6MS/s with 7Bit pattern width
  • High configurable trigger engine
  • Multiple instrument and channel synchronization possibilities
  • Independent sample clock input for every channel

Product Information

Flexible configurable PXI Platform
The family of bit-pattern receivers is based on the "Flexible configurable PXI Platform" (FlexCPP). This platform features a variety customer configurable bit-pattern receivers.

Bit-pattern receiver
The PXI530x Bit-Pattern Receiver family features up to 8 simultaneously working channels divided into 2 modules with 4 channels. Every channel provides a 8Bit TTL digital input. Each module is equipped with an on-board memory where the acquired bit-pattern from its 4 channels is stored.

Sample clock
The sample clock of every PXI530x receiver channel is derived from its input port signal Px. 7. In addition with a post divider for a integer division of the clock source signal the user gets a high flexibility in data acquisition.

Digital input
Every channel of the PXI530x Bit-Pattern Receiver is equipped with an 8 Bit digital bus driver. So digital inputs compliant to TTL standard are provided to the user. All digital input ports are referenced to a common ground.

User specific daughter board
The PXI530x Bit-Pattern Receiver devices feature a connector interface to a user specific daughter board. For fixture of the board various mounting studs are available. So the whole placement area of the right adjacent slot within a PXI chassis is provided to the user.

In addition to the digital inputs the connector interface contains two supply voltages (+3.3V and +12V) with their according common ground. This features the user a solid base for his circuit design.