LTS8620 Laser Diode Test System

High-Speed Laser Diode Test System

Our 2 µs Laser Diode Test System is ready.
The system is based on PXI technology
to be flexible for all future demands.

Special Features Laser Test System LTS8620

  • Very short pulses down to 2 µs
  • Pulse current up to 250 mA
  • 3 current generator ranges for a
    maximum variety of test scenarios
  • Independent support for 2 photo sensors
  • 4 photo-current measurement ranges
  • Programmable bias voltage

The LTS8620 Laser Diode Test System is an integrated PXI test system for easy characterizing and testing of laser diodes in laboratory and production. The LTS8620 benefits from a space-saving 12-slot design with only 2 rack-units (U) in height.
An adapter box is included to shorten the distrance between the Device Under Test (DUT) and the sensible measurement circuits.

Application Examples

  • Light-Current-Voltage (LIV) characateristics
  • Single shot – researching of single pulse behaviour
  • Production testing of laser diodes
Test example Laser Tester

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