Digital Multimeter (DMM)
4 instruments in one device
Input voltage up to 500 Vpp
16 Bit resolution at 20 MS/s
Configuration and switching times <1 ms
Very high input impedance at AC and DC


  • High-speed semiconductor production test & high-speed functional test
  • Detailed signal analysis (signal curve, pulse width, in-circuit measurements)
  • Test scenarios with several measuring points in different ranges (AC and DC)
  • Test systems with low space requirement


The digital multimeter (DMM) is the all-rounder of electronic measurement technology. It is used to measure the basic electrical variables of voltage, current and resistance potential-free. Many devices also offer a wide range of additional functions, such as the measurement of electrical capacity, test functions for diodes or transistors and much more. Some devices also allow to record signal curves, which is equivalent to the function of an isolated digitizer.

The performance of the devices ranges from simple, slow handheld multimeters to fast, high-precision laboratory equipment for special measurements.


Complex test scenarios require increasingly simple solutions while reducing the overall costs. The innovative "Multi-Measurement Device" (MMD) architecture of VX Instruments combines four different functionalities on a compact plug-in module (1 PXI slot) and thus expands the application possibilities of a classic digital multimeter:
  • Digital multimeter
  • Oscilloscopes / digitizers
  • Timer/counter
  • Trigger matrix
The extremely short configuration times of the measuring mode and measuring range significantly reduce the test time. This is particularly important when it comes to fully automated test environments.

With the integrated digitizer functionality, signal curves of up to 20 MS/s can be recorded at a constant 16 Bit resolution. The often common degradation of the resolution at high sample rates, therefore, does not need to be taken into account.

Electronic protection devices on the module increase the robustness of the device and thus the availability when used in an industrial environment.
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