Multi-Channel SMU
Up to 4 potential-free channels, U/I measurement units
Max. 400 V or 100 A per channel
Total output max. 800 W (10 kW in pulse mode)
Integrated switching matrix with self-test
Standard: 19", 3/6 U


  • Test of semiconductors such as transistors, MOSFETs, etc.
  • High-voltage LED testing
  • Independent parallel testing of up to 4 components


Source and Measurement Units (SMUs) are devices that generate voltages or currents and can measure them simultaneously using the integrated measurement units (VMU, CMU).
Multi-channel SMUs usually have a number of identically structured voltage or current sources.


The potential-free multi-channel SMUs of the AXS family can output regulated DC voltages or voltage pulses in the range from -50 to +400 V. The signal curve is very linear and is characterized by very short rise and fall times. The extremely fast regulation prevents the output signal from overshooting, which shortens test times enormously.

Functions such as the start of a pulse can be activated by hardware triggers and thus guarantee very short response times.

With the integrated switching matrix, the individual functional units (generator, VMU and CMU) can be flexibly connected to the test items. This means that basically three different devices are available for each channel. Complex test scenarios can thus be implemented with just one device. A wide range of switching options are available to the user via additional I/Os for controlling external relays.
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