High Current SMU
1 channel, potential-free, U/I measurement unit (Option)
Pulse currents up to 2,400 A at 30 V
Minimum pulse time 300 µs
Output power up to 30 kW as DC source
Standard: 19" 6 U


  • Semiconductor test, e.g. RDS(ON) measurement
  • Measurement of contact resistance
  • Test of fuses or circuit breakers
  • Measurement of the inductance of passive components
  • Lifetime tests of passive components


Source and Measurement Units (SMUs) are devices that generate voltages or currents and can measure them simultaneously using the integrated measurement units (VMU, CMU).
High current SMUs operate as a regulated power source and are able to generate very high output currents as pulses.


The potential-free high-current SMUs of the AXC family are characterized by their very fast, low-noise analog power amplifiers. This allows fully regulated current pulses to be realized under one millisecond at peak currents above 1,000 A. Devices of the AXC76xx family are also able to generate DC currents up to 2,000 A.

Functions such as the start of a pulse can be activated by hardware triggers and thus guarantee very short response times. The throughput in the test procedure is significantly increased and at the same time less energy is introduced into the component to be tested. This leads to less heating in the component itself, which is crucial, for example, for the test of bare dies.

The extremely compact design of the devices in 19“ format with only 6 U saves space in the test system.


Whitepaper - Cost down und System-Vereinfachung 1000 A High Current RDS(on) Static Parameter DC-Tests vs. Puls-Tests @ 300 μs Whitepaper Cost-reduction and Simplification: 1000 A High Current RDS(on) static parameter DC testing vs. pulse testing @ 300 μs Download