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Passion for precision and innovation is what drives us forward. Since our foundation in 1989. What began as a Bavarian tinkerer blacksmith, the "Ingenieurbüro Johann Degenhart", advanced in 1998 to the globally operating VX Instruments GmbH. It was named after the then common VXI bus, which has now been almost completely replaced by more modern technologies such as PCI, PXI or LXI. As market demands increased, so did the complexity of our test systems and products.

Today we are still developing with the same passion, but on a much larger scale. The technology, innovation and quality of our products are in worldwide demand. We currently export to over 30 countries, supported by distributors including Scandinavia, the UK, France, China, Korea and India.

30 years of innovative high tech instruments "Made in Germany"
Our expertise: fast testing of electrical components with isolated measurement equipment
Custom solutions for our worldwide customers

Our success proves us right: The largest technology companies in the semiconductor industry, power electronics, automotive and general industrial electronics use our measurement technology and thus guarantee the quality of their products.

In production, our solutions are usually in 24-hour continuous use with constant reliability and precision. rlässigkeit und Präzision.

Our experts maintain direct, personal contact with the users. This is an essential factor for our success and that of our customers.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

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