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Digital Multimeter (DMM)

The digital multimeter (DMM) is the all-rounder of electronic measurement technology. It is used to measure the basic electrical variables of voltage, current and resistance potential-free. Many devices also offer a wide range of additional functions, such as the measurement of electrical capacity, test functions for diodes or transistors and much more. Some devices also allow to record signal curves, which is equivalent to the function of an isolated digitizer.
The performance of the devices ranges from simple, slow handheld multimeters to fast, high-precision laboratory equipment for special measurements.

  • 4 instruments in one device
  • Input voltage up to 500 Vpp
  • 16 Bit resolution at 20 MS/s
  • Configuration and switching times <1 ms
Oscilloscopes / Digitizers - Category Image

Oscilloscopes / Digitizers

A waveform digitizer can be used to digitally record and analyze signal curves. The functionality is similar to that of the digital storage oscilloscope; however, the measurement data are processed and evaluated not manually, but with the help of a computer.
Waveform digitizers are generally characterized by compactness (PXI/PXIe plug-in module) and high performance (accuracy, resolution, data transfer rate). They are therefore particularly suitable for applications with a high degree of automation.

  • High input voltage range up to 500 Vpp
  • Isolated versions with 1 or 2 channels
  • Integrated timer/counter & DVM function
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Timer / Counter

A timer/counter is a combined unit that can generate and quantify digital signals. The timer functionality is able to generate pulses or frequency signals with a defined number and duration. The counter function analyzes digital signals in terms of duration and number.

  • High input voltage range up to 500 Vpp
  • 2 fully isolated inputs
  • 100 MHz timer/counter

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