Maintain the accuracy of your instruments with VX Instruments. A regular calibration of your devices is a prerequisite for accurate measurement results. Especially in critical test environments, small deviations in the test setup can have serious consequences. Therefore, you should always observe the suggested calibration intervals. Deviations in measurement accuracy can become a serious problem, especially over a long period of time.

In order to maintain your acquired instruments in a technically and functionally perfect condition, VX Instruments offers you an extended calibration service. This allows you to theoretically use the instruments for decades, with constant precision, in your usual test environment.

If you have a problem and need a repair or loan unit, please contact us at any time.

Calibration / repair requests

Quality and guarantee

VX Instruments products are all manufactured in Germany and meet the highest quality standards. That's why VX Instruments gives you an extended warranty of 2 years on all products. During this period, all defects in the device due to defective materials or workmanship are covered.

The goal of VX Instruments is always to ensure a smooth test process and to offer you the fastest solution - be it a loan device or a quick repair.

VX Instruments also guarantees you complete support for all products over their entire lifespan. This also includes discontinued products.

If you need further information or if you have any questions, please contact us.

Handling of hazardous substances

Unless otherwise stated, all VX Instruments products are free from mercury, chromium 4 compounds, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, polybrominated biphenyls, mineral fibers, tin, formaldehyde and radioactive substances. Small traces of less than 0.1% by weight may occur, as permitted in the industrial sector, in: lead, cadmium and beryllium. This may happen, for example, in transistors or solder.

By complying with the RoHS Directives, VX Instruments helps to avoid hazardous substances in our instruments. If you are looking for a replacement of a device that currently does not comply with the RoHS Directives, or will not comply with the latter in the future, please contact us. Compliance with the RoHS Directives is also a prerequisite for the use of the CE mark on the respective product.

Under the WEEE Directive, VX Instruments will take back all old or defective equipment for proper disposal or internal recycling.

We also comply with the regulations of the REACH Directive.