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PDF icon  Isolated measurement instrumentation part 1: This is how to select oscilloscope, digitizer, and DMM

Once the appropriate measurement procedure has been selected and the test setup is determined, it is to select the instrument: oscilloscope, digitizer or DMM. We give tips on the selection of devices.

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PDF icon  Isolated measurement instrumentation part 2: The sum of measurement uncertainty and measurement error

Static measurements (DC) for isolated and non-isolated measuring equipment may result in measurement inaccuracies. We will show the possible reasons for this.

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PDF icon  Isolated measurement instrumentation part 3: Measuring accuracy and measuring ranges in dynamic AC measuring applications

If you are working in measurement technology, you cannot avoid measurement errors and measurement inaccuracies. In our whitepaper we show the effects of errors in the case of dynamic AC measurement.

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PDF icon  Cost-reduction and simplification: 1.000A high current RDS(on) static parameter DC testing vs. pulse testing @ 300μs

This whitepaper provides an example that shows how you can work around problems by calculating for testing the RDS(on) static on-resistance parameter of a MOSFET.

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PDF icon  APPLICATION NOTE: How to integrate a VX Instruments PXM7820 Multi-Measurement-Device into a Pickering LXI Chassis

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