PXT(e)1741 PXI/PXIe Trigger-Module

Synchronize external devices individually with your PXI/PXI Express test system.
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  • Easy linkage of various external modules to the PXI(e) trigger bus
  • High configurable trigger matrix
  • 12 independent configurable trigger lines
  • Inputs/Outputs compatible with 5 V TTL standard
  • Software controlled triggering of any target device
With the PXT/PXTe1741, up to 4 PXI backplane trigger lines can be easily connected to the front connectors of the trigger card This allows devices outside of the PXI system to be triggered, or these devices can trigger instruments in the PXI system.
The 4 I/O connections on the front can be freely programmed as inputs or outputs and can get connected to any backplane trigger line.
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PXT1741 Device with PXI Interface
PXTe1741 Device with PXI Express Interface