VX4620 Dual High Speed Power Supply

Versatile, fully isolated 2-channel power supply with freely programmable slew rates up to 50,000 V/s.
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  • Dual high speed power supply
  • Low noise linear output stage with 200 Vpp and 1 A
  • Programmable bipolar voltage and positive/negative current limits
  • Stable control loop even on long load lines
  • Auto sensing feature
  • Programmable slew rate
  • Programmable over GPIB, USB or RS232
  • Fast rise and fall times due to integrated sink capability
The potential-free power supplies of the VX46xx family are characterized by precision and reliability, extremely low noise and very short or programmable rise and fall times.

All outputs of the current and voltage sources are galvanically isolated, which, among other things, ensures low signal noise. This also allows a series connection of power supplies.
Due to their integrated source-sink capability, they can also be used as an electronic load.
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