VX2026 VXI Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Create individual waveforms with the VX family of isolated arbitrary generators. An ideal instrument for rapid production testing with high throughput figures.
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  • Output voltages up to ±20 V (40 Vpp)
  • Output channels operating independently
  • Fully isolated, floating outputs
  • Wide range of sample rates due to programmable internal PLL
  • Additional marker output
The arbitrary waveform generators of the VX product family are analogue signal generators and can generate voltage or current curves as well as high DC voltages in 1 or 2 channels.
They are characterized particularly by all channels being potential-free and by the high sample rate in combination with a high amplitude resolution. This means that differential signals can be output precisely even at high voltage potentials.

A freely programmable digital marker signal is available on the front panel for synchronization of other measuring devices.
Ordering Information Comment
Option A 4 MB (2 MS) memory/channel
Option B 4 MB (2 MS) memory/channel
Option C TCXO Oscillator (1 ppm)
Option D 1 channel C-size module



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