VX3701 VXI Synchro/Resolver Module

Directly test synchro/resolver sensors and control devices.
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  • Synchro/Resolver to Digital Converter (SDC)
  • Digital to Synchro/Resolver Converter (DSC)
  • Fully isolated, floating inputs and outputs
  • SDC and DSC combined in one Instrument
  • SDC and DSC simultaneous operating mode
  • SDC and DSC independently programmable
  • DSC output can be switched to SDC input
  • Internal reference allows self-testing capabilities
With so-called synchro/resolver cards, rotation angle sensors that work according to the synchro/resolver principle can be measured. Depending on the angle of rotation, these generate a sine and cosine signal, in order to determine the position and direction of rotation.

It is also possible to simulate the signals of a sensor in order to test the corresponding control units.Depending on the sensor, it must be possible to generate various output voltages.

The Synchro/Resolver VX3701 combines generator and receiver in one device. It is characterized in particular by the potential-free inputs and outputs and their high voltage range from 11.8 to 90 V.
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