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PXCe4006 6-slot PXIe Chassis


  • 6-slot PXI Express chassis
  • 1 system slot, 1 PXI Express slot and
    4 PXI/PXI Express full hybrid peripheral slots
  • Optional: complex FPGA trigger controller with
    8 freely configurable trigger IOs on the rear side
  • Very compact 1U 19" design
  • Four link PXI Express chassis
  • Easily replaceable fan unit

Product Information

To reduce space in modern test systems the PXCe4006 features a very compact 1U 19" design.

The following slots are available:

  • 1 PXI Express System Controller Slot,
  • 1 PXI Express Peripheral Slot,
  • 4 PXI/PXI Express Hybrid Peripheral Slots.

This provides the user with the highest flexibility to configure his test system with PXI and PXI Express devices.

Optionally available is an internal complex FPGA trigger controller board, which provides 8 freely configurable trigger IOs on the rear side (SMB connector).

Also available is the PXIe3110 PXI Express Embedded Controller. Equipped with a modern Intel® Core™ i5 CPU and a big variety of interfaces, the controller is a perfect addition to the chassis. For detailed specifications, please check the data sheet of the PXIe3110 PXI Express Embedded Controller.

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