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PXM(e)782x / PXM(e)7810 High Speed Multi-Measurement-Device Family

Product Versions

PXM(e)7810 16Bit   1MS/s Advanced MMD Family
PXM(e)7820 16Bit 10MS/s High Speed MMD for production testing
PXM(e)7822 24Bit   1MS/s 16Bit 20MS/s High Accuracy MMD - coming 2020


  • High voltage range with up to 500Vpp
  • 16 Bit Waveform Digitzer with up to 64MS, 20MS/s
  • High Precision Digital Multimeter with up to 24Bit resolution and 1MS/s
  • Extremely low switching time of <1ms for ranges and functions
  • Fully isolated design
  • Up to 1GΩ input impedance
  • LCR meter (inductance, capacitance and 2- and 4-wire resistance measurement)
  • Highly configurable trigger matrix
  • Trigger engine for instrument synchronization
  • Built-in timer/counter engine
  • Electronic protection against overcurrent and overvoltage
  • Memory segmenting

Product Information

The PXM(e)782x and PXM(e)7810 Multi-Measurement-Device Family unifies the functions of a digitizer (up to 250V, 20MS/s), a high precision digital multimeter (up to 250V, incl. RLC), a timer/counter and a highly configurable trigger matrix into one device and is thereby versatilely applicable. The family is ideally suited for production because of its fast switchover of operating modes (<1ms) and its fast range changes (<1ms).
A trigger input and output is provided in every device as well as electronic protection against overvoltage and overcurrent.

Further Details

If you have questions or if you need further details about the PXM(e)782x or PXM(e)7810 Multi-Measurement-Device Family, feel free to send us an e-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Alternatively, you will find the individual data sheets on the right side of this page.

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