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VX4616 Dual Precision Power Amplifier


  • High Precision Power Amplifier, ±50V, ±1,6A
  • Frequency bandwidth of 70KHz (150KHz optional)
  • Two isolated bipolar output channels
  • Outputs are operating as inverting precision power amplifier
  • Outputs are operating as programmable DC-source (voltage or current)
  • Outputs are programmable or adjustable via an external analog source
  • Auto sensing
  • Pulse modulation with extremely low rise and fall times
  • System interface RS232, USB or IEEE-488
  • Digital calibration via RS232, USB or IEEE-488 interface, no analog adjustments

Product Information

The VX4616 is a two output high precision four quadrant power amplifier and can be used either as an inverting amplifier or as a programmable DC-Source. Both power stages are separated galvanically.
The VX4616 is a 19", 3U rack mounting unit. The amplifier outputs can be remote controlled by analog input lines or programmed via the RS232, USB or IEEE-488 interface. The remote control interface is optional and galvanically separated.
The pulse modulation feature provides pulses up to 50V, 200mA with extremely fast rise and fall times. The pulse modulation control input is isolated.
Typically the VX4616 is used as a voltage source with current limiting. Together with option A & D the VX4616 can be used as a voltage controlled current source for AC signals of up to 70KHz (150KHz option B). This function can be used to generate a constant magnetic field in coils even with changing frequencies and inductance.