PXM(e)7822 PXI/PXIe High-Accuracy Multi-Measurement Device

The PXM Multi-Measurement Devices combine the functionalities of a 16 Bit digitizer, a 24 Bit multimeter, a timer/counter and a highly flexible trigger matrix in a PXI or PXIe device.
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  • 4 Instruments in 1 device:
    • 24 Bit high precision Digital Multimeter
    • 16 Bit isolated Digitizer
    • Trigger Matrix
    • Timer/Counter
  • LCR Meter
  • Changing range in under 1 ms
  • Up to 2 Trigger I/Os on the device front (8 on the backplane)
  • 2- and 4-wire resistance measurement
  • Measure up to 500 Vpp and 1A
  • >1 GΩ || <20 pF input impedance
  • Available with PXI or PXI Express interface
  • Fully isolated design
  • Compatible with Pickering LXI-Chassis
Complex test scenarios require increasingly simple solutions while reducing the overall costs. The innovative "Multi-Measurement Device" (MMD) architecture of VX Instruments combines four different functionalities on a compact plug-in module (1 PXI slot) and thus expands the application possibilities of a classic digital multimeter:

  • Digital multimeter
  • Oscilloscopes / digitizers
  • Timer/counter
  • Trigger matrix

The extremely short configuration times of the measuring mode and measuring range significantly reduce the test time. This is particularly important when it comes to fully automated test environments.

With the integrated digitizer functionality, signal curves of up to 20 MS/s can be recorded at a constant 16 Bit resolution. The often common degradation of the resolution at high sample rates, therefore, does not need to be taken into account.

Electronic protection devices on the module increase the robustness of the device and thus the availability when used in an industrial environment.
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PXM7822 Device with PXI interface
PXMe7822 Device with PXIe interface

Accessory Parts MPN VPN
Mixed Signal Connector
Pin connector shell FCT FM5W5P ZJ1353-0
High voltage contact, plug FCT FMV001P107K ZJ1385-0
Metal hood FCT FMK3G ZJ1850-0
SMB Trigger Connector
SMB connector soldering 11_SMB-50-1-40 ZJ1522-0
Isolation sleeve 78_Z-5-1-1 ZJ1523-0



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