PXD7113 PXI FlexRay Digitizer

Digitize high resolution waveforms with the fully isolated PXD series Digitizers. Minimize interference and measure "in-circuit". Measurement errors are reduced by a high input impedance.
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  • Developed for FlexRay measurements
  • High sampling rate of up to 100 MS/s
  • 16 Bit resolution
  • Fully isolated design
  • Built-in timer/counter engine
  • Built-in Digital Voltmeter (DVM) function for high precision measurement
The digitizers of the PXD product family are digital voltage meters and can record voltage curves or even measure single voltages in 1 or 2 channels (DVM function).

They are characterized particularly by the absence of potential in all measuring channels. This allows differential measurements to be carried out with high precision even on high voltage potentials (e.g. high-side measurements). Problems that frequently occur with mass-related measurements are generally avoided.

The very high input impedance and the low input capacitance reduce the influence on the parameter to be measured and thus significantly increase the measuring accuracy. Even high voltages can be captured directly without additional signal conditioning.

A high number of measuring ranges guarantees an optimal resolution of the voltage signal to be measured.
In addition, all digitizers of the PXD series offer an integrated timer/counter function.
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PXD7113 PXI FlexRay Digitizer



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