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PXA(e)73xx Arbitrary Current Generator Family


  • Output currents up to 30mA or ±20mA
  • Up to 200MS/s with 16Bit resolution
  • Fully isolated design with up to two independent channels
  • Complex waveform sequencing
  • Multiple instrument and channel synchronization possibilities
  • High configurable trigger engine
  • On the fly amplitude and offset changing
  • Two additional marker outputs
  • Wide range of sample rates due to programmable internal PLL
  • High bandwidth
  • Based on VX Instruments FlexCPeP for easy custom design

Product Information

Flexible Configurable PXI(e) Platform
This family of Arbitrary Function Generators is based on the "Flexible Configurable PXI(e) Platform" (FlexCPeP). This platform allows many variations of customer configured Arbitrary Function Generators.

High speed, high resolution arbitrary waveform generator
The PXA(e)73xx ArbGen family features up to two simultaneously working channels with 100MS/s, 16Bit resolution and an output current up to 30mA in sink mode (at up to 30V) or ±20mA in combined source/sink mode (at up to ±10V).
Every channel is equipped with 2MB memory. The whole amount of 1 million samples can be partitioned into one ore more waveform segments. Depending on the number of channels and the floating option, the Arbitrary Function Generators are built into a compact 3U PXI(e) device for 1 or 2 slots.

Built-in waveform functions
Predefined waveforms (DC, sine, square, triangle, sawtooth) can be configured via software driver. Furthermore it is possible to load an user created waveform.

Fully independent channels
Each channel has its own clock-PLL, memory and state machine for START, STOP, TRIGGER, SAMPLING and SEQUENCING. This guarantees the 2 channels to work completely independent. A great amount of trigger capabilities results in multiple sophisticated instrument and channel synchronization possibilities.

Complex waveforms without memory reloading
Arbitrary waveforms can be loaded via data files into the on-board memories for 1MS waveform data and 512 sequences. The memory can be segmented and sequenced in any desired order.

Furthermore amplitude and offset can be changed on the fly without writing new data into the memories.