Flexible Configurable PXI(Express) Platform

The idea

The concept of the Flexible Configurable PXI(e) Platform FlexCP(e)P arised by the results of a customer survey. In the first step all interviewed persons were asked about the needed specification for digitizers and arbitrary generators based on PXI or PXIe.

The requirements were extremly versatile. Therefore a concept was designed which fullfilled most specifications and is time and cost effective to realize.

The concept

A FlexCP(e)P baseboard for the usual PXI mainframe is able to carry up to 2 independent function modules. The communication between baseboard and modules is realized by an universal serial interface.

To use the advantage of the isolated technology it is possible to place two DC/DC modules upon two function modules. In that case, there are two logically separated and galvanic isolated modules available.

In case of a isolated application the modules are directly supplied by the PXI backplane.

With the internal trigger bus different trigger options are possible, i. e. separated or common trigger.

Example configuration of a PXI ArbGen with an expanded function module

The advantages of FlexCPP

  • To realize a time and cost optimized custom design it is only neccessary to develop the function module.
  • An essential advantage is the possibility to combine different function modules in one PXI(e) unit, i. e. one digitizer and one arbitrary generator.
  • The realisation of product families is more cost effective, i. e. digitizer (16 Bit/100 MS, 12 Bit/250 MS, 10 Bit/1 GS).
  • With one baseboard, the digitizer module, the arbitrary generator module and the DC/DC module it is possible to create 9 different devices.
  • Function modules developed for FlexCVP can be used.

1 channel isolated Digitizer and
1 channel isolated ArbGen in 1 3U PXI(e) slot