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AXC76xx High Current SMU Family


  • Output current up to 2,000A and output voltage up to 120V; Pulse and DC capable
  • Very fast rise and fall time
  • Programmable current pulse with auto-measurement of current and voltage
  • Very high power density in less space
  • Fully isolated design, isolated outputs
  • Trigger capabilities and digital I/Os
  • Integrated measurement units with current monitor signal
  • Front touch display available

Product Information

The AXC76xx High Current Source and Measurement Unit was designed for power semiconductor and high throughput testing.

Modern switching regulator technology
The AXC76xx High Current SMU is based on modern and efficient switching regulator technology. This allows a very high power density in less space. Furthermore the fan noise is reduced significantly due to less heat production. The AXC76xx High Current SMU family contains devices with up to 30kW. The outputs are isolated due to a floating design.

DC or Pulse Mode
Every AXC76xx High Current SMU is capable of generating full scale DC current and voltage. For power semiconductor testing the integrated current pulse mode might be very helpful. Very fast rise- and falltimes allow current pulses down to 2ms. Automatic current and voltage measurement time-stamps can be configured in pulse mode.

Integrated measurement units...
Together with the integrated voltage measure unit (VMU) and the integrated current measure unit (CMU) all high current tests of power semiconductor can be done easily.

...with monitor signal
The output current can be measured on the integrated current monitor output with an oscilloscope.

Many safety features
Integrated safety features like various temperature monitorings, mains monitoring, over-current detection and a safety interlock help to avoid danger to personnel, equipment or the device under test.

Trigger- and Digital-I/Os
The integrated trigger input and output allows interaction with other test equipment. The AXC76xx High Current SMU has 4 digital outputs to control relays.