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AXS7720 Multichannel Source Measurement Unit


  • Extreme low noise with linear output stage
  • Fully isolated design, isolated input and outputs
  • Fast measurement of current in nA range
  • Especially designed for automatic test equipment and high throughput testing
  • Fast rise and fall times due to integrated sink capability
  • Integrated matrix and digital I/Os
  • Autosensing
  • Digital calibration

Product Information

Multichannel source and measurement unit
The AXS7720 is a high precision, high speed multichannel source and measurement unit which is designed for automated high throughput testing.
Each function unit (VMU, CMU, generator) is fully isolated to avoid ground loops and common mode errors.

Programmable rise and fall times
The fast low noise linear bipolar power stage provides full four-quadrant source and sink capability at very fast rise and fall times even at high capacitive loads. The rise and fall times are programmable.

Two power ranges
With its two power ranges, 50V/150mA and 150V/50mA the AXS7720 covers a wide range of different loads.

CMU and VMU with monitor outputs
The integrated monitor outputs makes debugging very easy. With the integrated filter stages high precise measurements can be done even in high noisy environment.

Integrated high flexible relay matrix
The integrated relay matrix is replaceable for fast service and allows high sophisticated measurements without external connections.

Autosensing protects devices under test

  • Autosensing. If the sense line is not connected, the output terminals are automatically used as the sensing point.
  • Broken sense line. The output voltage will be reduced automatically about the voltage drop across the load line.
  • Shorted sense lines. The output voltage will be limited to about 5 V above the programmed value.