VX6625 cPCI Power Supply

Isolated PXI power supply with 4 channels and low noise. Very versatile thanks to the integrated current measurement unit.
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  • CompactPCI quad system power supply
  • Measurement function of all voltages and currents
  • Specially designed for testing battery powered modules
  • Very fast rise and fall times
  • Sense inputs for superior load control
  • Autosensing to protect DUT
  • Digital calibration via system interface
The potential-free power supplies of the VX66xx family stand for precision and reliability and are characterized by many extras such as extremely low noise, very short rise and fall times and additional measurement functions. The energy is completely provided by the PXI chassis, therefore external power supplies are not necessary.

All outputs are galvanically isolated, which among other things ensures low signal noise. It is also possible to connect power supplies in series.
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