AXV7607 High Voltage SMU 2500 V

Generate extremely short, fully regulated voltage pulses of up to 2500 V. Measure leakage currents up to the pA range.
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  • Output voltage from -1,500 V up to 2,500 V
  • Very fast rise and fall times
  • Extreme low noise with linear output stage
  • Output current in pulse mode max ±30 mA
  • Output current in continuous mode maximum ±8 mA
  • Integrated voltage measurement unit
  • Integrated current measurement unit
  • Integrated voltage monitor
  • Integrated current monitor
The potential-free high-voltage SMUs of the AXV family can output regulated DC voltages or voltage pulses in the range from -1,500 to +2,500 V. The signal curve is very linear and is characterized by very short rise and fall times. The extremely fast regulation prevents the output signal from overshooting, which enormously shortens test times.

With the integrated measuring units for current and voltage, current and voltage can also be measured on the device while testing during a pulse.

Due to the high resolution of the current measurement in the pA range, in connection with the active guarding outputs (avoidance of leakage currents in the cabling), the device is ideally suited for the measurement of leakage currents.
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AXV7607-1500 Range: -1,500 V … +1,500 V
AXV7607-2500 Range: -500 V … +2,500 V
Option GPIB GPIB interface
Option USB USB 2.0 interface
Option LAN Ethernet interface
Option FE Front touch display
Option RMK 19" rack mounting kit



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