Power Semiconductors have a high demand on the test equipment regarding the testing parameters. Our equipment is designed for the high speed production test for power semiconductors.

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High Current RDS(ON)
and Forward Voltage Measurement


  • Output current pulses up to 2400 A
  • Output voltage up to 50 V
  • Pulse width from 300 µs
  • Extremely low noise with
    linear output stage
  • Integrated current measurement unit
  • Integrated voltage measurement unit

Drain-Source & Collector-Emitter Leakage Measurement


  • Output voltage from -1500 V to 2500 V
  • Output current pulses ±30 mA
  • Continuous Output current ±8 mA
  • Very fast rise and fall times
  • Integrated voltage & current measurement unit
  • Integrated voltage & current monitor

Gate-Leakage & Gate-Threshold Measurement


  • Output current up to 100 A
  • Output voltage up to 400 VDC
  • Up to 4 independent channels with 200 WDC each
  • Integrated current (CMU) and voltage measurement unit (VMU)
  • Trigger in- and outputs

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Cost-reduction and simplification: 1000 A high current RDS(on) static parameter DC testing vs. pulse testing @ 300 μs
The need for high-power semiconductors like diodes, MOSFETs, or IGBTs is increasing rapidly. All areas of renewable energy, e-mobility, or industrial electronic drives have a strongly growing need for more powerful components. Testing these components is a big challenge for test engineers. Read more about this topic in our whitepaper.

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