PXS(e)840x PXI/PXIe Source Measure Unit Family

The PXS840x PXI SMU family is a high-speed, 4-quadrant source measure unit. Carry out measurements directly on the DUT with the integrated CMU and VMU.
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  • Up to 25 W power output
  • 4-quadrant operation (supports current source and sink)
  • No external power source is required
  • Completely isolated
  • Different voltage ranges from 10 V to 60 V
  • 6 current ranges from 10 µA to 2.5 A
  • Integrated measurement unit for voltage and current
  • 8 digital I/Os
  • Very high slew rate for fast pulses
  • Digitizing and Arbitrary Waveform Generator option
  • Available with PXI or PXI Express interface
The potential-free PXI SMUs of the PX/PXS family are characterized by the four-quadrant operation (4Q operation) and the high slew rate. They can therefore be used flexibly as a quick source or sink.

The current voltage and the current can be read back statically. The digitizer option allows you to record curves.
The arbitrary generator option enables the generation of dynamic voltage and current curves.

If required, external devices or relays can be activated via digital I/Os.
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PXS(e)8401 Device PXS(e)8401 with ±10 V / ±2.5 A
PXS(e)8402 Device PXS(e)8402 with ±20 V / ±1.25 A
PXS(e)8403 Device PXS(e)8403 with ±30 V / ±0.7 A
PXS(e)8404 Device PXS(e)8404 with ±40 V / ±0.5 A
PXS(e)8406 Device PXS(e)8406 with ±60 V / ±0.3 A
Option DG Digitizing option
Option ARB Arbitrary waveform generator option
Option PR-20 Second power range: ±20 V / ±1.25 A
Option PR-30 Second power range: ±30 V / ±0.7 A
Option PR-40 Second power range: ±40 V / ±0.5 A
Option PR-60 Second power range: ±60 V / ±0.3 A
Option LSM Measurement for signals less than 10% of selected range with same precision



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