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High Power (HP)
Semiconductors are currently growing extremely
in their package size and electrical specifications.
Applications like hybrid vehicles, electric motors and solar power
require semiconductors with higher voltage and current values.
Like all parts these high power components have to be tested.
Therefore VX Instruments delivers devices which are capable to
source and measure up to 1.000 A or 3.000 Vpp.

External PCIe (ePCIe)
External PCIe is designed to connect external
devices to the standard PCIe bus. The connection between external
unit and PC is carried out with a standard PCIe card in the PC, an
ePCIe cable and an ePCIe controller in the device. The connected
external device therefore behaves like an internal PCIe card.
External PCIe is applicable especially for high volume production
testing, quality assurance and laboratory applications. Due to the
low latency and high data transfer rate it is perfectly suitable for
multichannel systems with high data volumes and high speed
test environments.

PXI System Alliance
The PXI System Alliance is a consortium, which
defines and develops the PXI standard.

The PCI-SIG is a community, which develops and maintains
the standardized approach to PCI data transfers.

Cluster Mikrosystemtechnik
The Cluster for Microsystems Technology acts as a common
platform for the exchange of expertise and cooperation between
universities and research institutions, manufacturers and users
from the varied fields of microsystems technology.
Digitizers are devices for the recording of signals using
an internal memory which are similar to digital storage
oscilloscopes, but without an integrated display.
The signal analysis is carried out at the computer via a
fast interface such as PCI, PXI, PXIe or external PCIe.
As additional bus systems for the transfer of data,
older bus systems such as VME or VXI are also supported.

Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR)
The common mode rejection ratio of a differential or
floating measurement instrument indicates the extent of the
influence of a parasitic common mode voltage.
The smaller the common mode rejection is, the greater
the effect of the common mode voltage is on the measurement
result. In an ideal case, the common mode voltage does not have
any effect on the actual measurement value.

Arbitrary Waveform Generator (ArbGen)
Arbitrary waveform generators are devices for the generation of
any types of waveforms. They have the basic functionality of a
waveform generator, but in addition they are able to output any
types of waveforms which can be freely programmed by the user
(e. g. from a CSV file). Moreover, they are often able to create freely
definable sequences from a variety of different waveforms.

Source and Measurement Unit (SMU)
A SMU is a precise power supply with measurement capabilities.
Those devices are able to measure their own output current and voltage.
In some cases the measurement units are completely separated from
the source, so that they can also be used for external measurements.
Our source and measurement units are very fast power supplies
(mostly 4-quadrant sources) with accurate measurement units with
high resolution.
PXI™ is a trademark of the PXI Systems Alliance.
CompactPCI® is a registered trademark of the PCI Industrial Computation Manufacturers Group.
PCI Express® is a registered trademark of the Peripheral Component Interconnect Special Interest Group.
USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 are registered trademarks of the USB Implementers Forum, Inc.