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VX8500-2 Power-Matrix


  • Power-Matrix 8x16, 2A per channel
  • Semiconductor power relays
  • Configurable via jumper or relays
  • Access to analog bus
  • Relay cycle counter for each none semiconductor relay (analog bus)

Product information

The VX8500-2 Power-Matrix card consist of a 8x16 matrix, which provides fast connections into or out of the system for 8 columns and 16 rows. Each output channel is configured with Semiconductor power relays (2A).
All 16 rows have access to the 16 bit wide analog bus. The matrix can be configured individually. Either with power relays or with jumpers for cost savings.
Signal routing can be done through the matrix card either directly to the tester interface (UUT/DUT) or via the 16 bit wide analog bus (1A max.) to any other matrix slot within the switch unit. The analog bus is daisy-chained from card to card via the back plane. The VX8500 switch unit can route any signal to or from any tester interface pin.