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VX8500-3 High-Current-Matrix


  • Power-Matrix 8x8, 8x1, 6A per channel
  • Semiconductor power relays
  • Access to analog bus
  • Relay cycle counter for each none semiconductor relays (analog bus)

Product information

The VX8500-3 High-Current-Matrix card consist of 8 high channels plus 8 low channels. The low channels are combined to a common return path GND.

Isolated power supplies or loads can be used with 4 channels for the high path and 4 channels for the low path.

Each output channel is configured with Semiconductor power relays (6A).
This provides fast power or load connections into or out of the system.

All 8 high channels and the common GND channel have access to the analog bus (1A).

Signal routing can be done through the matrix card either directly to the tester interface (UUT/DUT) or via the analog bus to any other matrix slot within the switch unit. The analog bus is daisy-chained from card to card via the back plane. The VX8500 switch unit can route any signal to or from any tester interface pin.