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FlexCPP - Flexible Configurable PXI Platform

Realize your individual test solution

The Idea

The concept of the FlexCP platform was designed based on the results of a customer survey which asked for the technical requirements of digitizers and arbitrary function generators which are based on the PXI platform.

The requirements of the customers were very different. Therefore the idea was born to develop a concept with which many of the requirements could be realized in a fast and cost-efficient manner.

The Concept

One FlexCPP board for a standard PXI chassis can carry two function modules. These modules work independently from each another. The communication between the base board and the modules is realized with a universal serial protocol.

Every function module is supplied with its own snap-on DC/DC-converter to ensure floating operation. Therefore the modules on the FlexCPP board are not only isolated logically but also galvanically from each other.

Whenever a galvanic isolation is not necessary, the function modules are powered directly by the PXI backplane.

With an internal trigger bus the function modules can be triggered separated or combined by
the base board.

The Advantages

  • Individual function modules can be realized quickly and cost-efficient according to
    customer requirements.
  • An essential advantage is the configuration of instruments with different function modules
    (i.e. one digitizer and one ArbGen in one instrument).
  • The realization of function families with different features is significantly cheaper
    (i.e. digitizer 16Bit/100MS, 12Bit/120MS, 10Bit/1GS).
  • With only one base module, one digitizer module, one arbitrary generator module and a
    DC/DC-module you can realize 10 different device configurations.
  • Variable device configurations with fewer function modules.

Technical details and specifications of the FlexCPP modules can be found in the datasheets
of the PX72xx product families (i.e. PXA(e)72xx Arbitrary Waveform Generator Family).

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Two-slot PXI Card with FlexCP module

FlexCPP, systematic view

One- and two-slot PXI card